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Buck Creek Pizza Co.


Jay and Karen Mitchell have lived in this community for over 30 years.
Buck Creek Pizza’s goal is to serve our customer the very best pizza, as well as hospitality.
We value everyone of our customers and will continue to provide you with our great pizza and service.

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What Our Clients Say!

From Our Happy Clients

  • Always delicious, the crust is crispy enough to satisfy that crunch-craver, but with a hint of sweetness. The toppings are always fresh, and full of flavor. The preparation of the toppings makes for a great bite each time. Friendly service and a devotion to give young adults a chance to make an warning round out this experience! Would recommend Buck Creek to anyone!
    Lucas Woody
  • Great food, worth every penny. Great staff & wonderful owners. Great family dining.
    Jean Randle
  • I lived in Lafayette for about 7 years and always heard amazing things about Buck Creek and never made it out there. On a trip up to Purdue we finally stopped by and, WOW, I was missing out. Great crust with a crisp bottom while still being doughy. The sauce and cheese were great. One of the other guests recommended the dough boy breadsticks and they were delicious. Will be going back for sure.
    Michael Anderson
  • Pretty good pizza indeed! Last time I ate it, they were still at Buck Creek. A cozy little spot to sit down in, too. Plus they got XXX root beer on tap!
    Seth Vaughn
  • I've lived in the area for years and have eaten at Dayton Station a number of times. I was surprised to find that I hadn't written a review. It's a unique pizza, with the toppings layered under the cheese. Plentiful and delicious describes their food. Probably my favorite local non-chain pizza place. Arni's and Pizza King are good, but not this good.
    Doug Clements


Owned by two local residents of the town, the company has had growing success over the past few years. Because of this success it has expanded by opening up another restaurant in nearby Dayton.


718B Walnut St,

Dayton, IN 47941

Phone: (765) 296-7950

E-Mail: [email protected]

Web Site: